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In this episode of our startup podcasts and TekCurious Founder Series, we talk to Harry Cobbold, the Founder of Unfold. Unfold are a full-service design consultancy that specialises in designing and building websites, brands and digital products for high growth companies.

Their mission is to empower and propel entrepreneurs and their businesses to the next level. Additionally, they’re making their expertise from across the team more accessible. Thus, offering free, no-obligation 1-hour consultancy sessions with a product or technical lead, to help talk through some of the challenges you might be facing. You can book a call any time through their website.

Unfold recently re-branded; “Haio needed a fresh platform and a clearer market positioning to continue growing alongside it’s clients scaling businesses. The team sought-out their raison d’être and in uncovering this essence, a better definition of who they are and what they do. Unfold is the culmination of this journey and sets the scene for their next exciting chapter”.

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Harry discusses his journey to establishing the company he began while at University. Additionally, We hear about the reasons behind starting Unfold, the culture and values that he has developed over the years, and his advice to aspiring founders.

Thanks for watching, and make sure you check out Unfold and follow them on LinkedIn.

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