TekCurious | Chats with Sarah Morgan

In the first of our TekCurious | Chats, we were joined by Sarah Morgan. For those of you that are regular attendees of the TekCuirous series, you will recognise Sarah. For those of you that are not we have provided an overview of Sarah’s impressive background below.

Sarah has 25 years of experience as a leader and a coach in a wide range of industries that she now brings into a coaching context to help you thrive and shine at work. She led Global IT & Service teams at ASOS and Yahoo!, enabling massive growth while maintaining employee engagement. She drove transformation projects at Ovo Energy and Good Energy; enabling more efficient and fulfilling operational processes while significantly improving employee engagement.

In this session, Sarah Morgan talks about the impact of CV19 on teams and how she is finding new ways to motivate herself, build healthy habits and ensure productivity. Alongside this, we discuss how to manage stress & burnout and what specifically worked for Sarah and other people she has worked with. She shares her insight on how best to manage remote teams and also considers how to manage upline best as well.

Watch the full discussion below;

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