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In this episode of our TekCurious Chats, we sit down with Tanya Corise, CEO of IKEN, the knowledge platform. Tanya discusses how they have grown over the years, the values they uphold, and her personal journey in becoming CEO. Additionally, Tanya offers her opinion and advice for women in tech and anyone hoping to get to the CEO position.

Founded in 1992 on the commitment to create a flexible software solution to support knowledge workers, Iken has grown from strength-to-strength. From the foundations set out by co-founders Andrew Chester and Elizabeth Miles, they have built a robust solution, a loyal customer base and international recognition.

Iken is a proudly independent software house and an ethical tech business. Therefore, they believe in making work a fair and enjoyable place to be and maintain our family-run business ethos.

In this episode, Tanya goes into detail about the culture at Iken and what their values mean to them. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to solidify their culture and know how to recruit into their values.

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