Bristol Technology Festival 2021

The Bristol Technology Festival is back for its third year from 10-15 October 2021. Bristol will be host to over 50 events, spanning the breadth of Bristol’s tech and digital scene.

Engine Shed will be the host venue for the launch of the festival, along with Deloitte Digital, to bring together the key people in the sector to understand how tech will support the growth of the city in the future.

BTF 2021 will seek to capture people’s hopes and predictions for the next decade, exploring the prevalent questions such as: in what ways will technology influence how we live and work? What impact will the tech cluster have locally, and globally?

We were thrilled to be able to chat to some of those involved in the festival this year. Our Managing Director, Karl Sweatman, spoke about the events, and what we can expect from the festival.

Watch the full podcast here:

Who is involved in the podcast:

David Henderson | Founding Member of The Technology Festival

Nick Dean | ADLIB Recruitment

Zara Nanu | Gapsquare

Richard Norton | Get Norts

Nikki Hawkes | Stratiphy

Ingrid Anusic | Money Hub

Sarah Kruger | Deloitte

Michaela Eschbach | Founders4Schools

Mark Probert | Newicon

About Bristol Technology Festival

Dates: October 11th – 15th Bristol Technology Festival is all that is brilliant about the inclusive, collaborative and varied ecosystem that is Bristol Tech all in one city, all in one week.

Bristol has a long-standing history of tech innovation and the ecosystem is booming, with tens of thousands of job openings a year in the sector. Feeding industries all over the world with breakthrough engineering and digital wizardry, it has been difficult to truly understand the breadth of companies operating in the region. Not anymore.

Bristol Technology Festival seeks to showcase the entire ecosystem, from the weird and wonderful, to world leaders in their field, and everything in between. Events are crowdsourced from organisations across the city.