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Tesla full self-driving software ‘may do the wrong thing at the worst time’ company warns

Tesla has warned customers that its full self-driving software “may do the wrong thing at the wrong time” following a number of incidents in which drivers have crashed their cars. The newest version of the software which Elon Musk had previously announced as scheduled for release in 2018 had been delayed to technological challenges. Tesla has been at pains to stress to its drivers that they must remain attentive and behind the wheel even when using its autopilot function – a few steps below the full self-driving software – which doesn’t fully control the car but offers the driver some assistance.

Earlier this year a motorist in the San Francisco Bay Area who was spotted in the back seat of his Tesla as it travelled down a freeway was arrested for reckless driving. Tesla vehicles can be “easily tricked” into driving in autopilot mode with no one at the wheel, according to testers from a major US consumer organisation just days after a Tesla crashed in Texas, killing the two men in the car.

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Source: Sky 2021

Tech chiefs called in to No 10 over racist posts to England players

Boris Johnson has summoned tech companies to Downing Street to order them to do more to tackle online abuse, amid mounting criticism o the government after black England players were deluged with racist posts in the aftermath of their Euro 2020 defeat.

England footballer, Tyrone Mings, criticised home secretary, Priti Patel, for her condemnation of the racist abuse faced by his teammates, after she called players taking the knee “gesture politics”. He said that Patel did not get to “stroke the fire” ahead of the tournament and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens”

Johnson will meet executives from social media firms in person and ask them to hand over the details of those who posted racist content online, to the police. His official spokesperson said Johnson would “reiterate the urgent need for action ahead of tougher laws coming into force in the online harms bill” and that there was “no question that abuse was upsetting, unfair and must be stamped out”.

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Source: The Guardian 2021

What every leader can learn from the technology transforming healthcare

There’s nothing more personal than health, but healthcare doesn’t always reflect. Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment usually happen where clinicians work, not where patients live. The rise of technologies such as sensors, robotics and digital therapeutics is changing that, opening up a world of care focused on the individual that improves outcomes throughout life.

By shifting routine medical treatments to the home, patients can receive the same level of care without having to travel to a medical centre, reducing journey times, removing the chance of exposure to disease, lowering anxiety – and basically giving them more of their regular life back. But making that change is not as simple as it sounds.

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Source: Wired 2021

What Does London’s Biggest Ever Tech Flotation Mean For The Tech Sector?

Last Wednesday, shares in the payments group began trading at £8 each in one of the country’s most highly-anticipated stock market flotations in more than a decade. It was actually LSE’s biggest float of the year and London’s largest-ever tech listing.

WISE saw its profits hit £421m over the past financial year, and in 2021, the app-based firm moved £54.4bn across borders for more than six million customers. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Barclays all advised WISE on its listing.

Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates comments: “Wise’s £8bn listing today is a triumph for British fintech and the wider tech industry. This is the largest listing on the LSE since Glencore debuted in 2011. In keeping with their modus operandi, the firm took a risk to float unconventionally and as we have seen this morning it appears to have paid off. The direct listing was the first of its kind for a technology company in London and is an indication that UK tech is receiving buy-in across the board.

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Source: Business Leader 2021