Weekly Tech Round-Up | #9

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Diversity in Tech Report Highlights Sector’s Inclusion and Diversity Progress

The Tech Talent Charter (TCC) has announced the release of its annual Diversity in Tech 2020 report as part of its Inclusion in Tech Festival. The report benchmarks the activities and progress being made towards inclusion, equity and diversity by its signatory firms, including Unilever, HP and Lloyd Banking Group. Data from the report shows that wide inequalities still persist within the UK tech sector, but that firms are making progress and indicating that a willingness to discuss and address inequality is a vital first step in tackling it.

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3 ways HR tech can help us work during the pandemic

Companies have experienced a year unlike any other. The pandemic has accelerate digital adoption rates and the HR tech market has grown explosively as a result. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and HR professionals must adapt and adopt the latest tools to enable online learning and career development, hiring and onboarding, staff engagement and feedback, and other key HR functions. Take a look at the 3 challenges that technology can help us overcome right now.

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Microsoft and other tech giants are teaming up to cut down on fake images online

Adobe, Arm, Intel, and Microsoft have announced they are forming part of a new alliance that aims to cut down on online content fraud.

Together with the BBC and photo verification platform Truepic, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) will draft open standards for certifying the origins of media content. In a joint statement, the companies mention that the objective of the C2PA is to help publishers, creators, and consumers to trace the origin of a piece of digital media all the way back to its origin. To this end, the alliance will develop, what it refers to as, content provenance specifications. 

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Bill Gates-Led Clean Tech Fund Adds New Billionaire Investors

Abigail Johnson, chief executive officer of Fidelity Investments, and Shopify Inc. founder Tobias Lütke have joined as new investors in Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the clean-tech fund led by Bill Gates. Launched in 2016, BEV is one of the largest financiers of companies working on technologies to cut emissions. The fund’s first-round raised $1 billion and backed 45 startups, which work on everything from batteries to low-emissions fertilizers.

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