Weekly Tech Round-Up #25

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Europe’s tech leaders define a strategy to create tech giants

Europe's tech leaders
Source: Tech Crunch 2021

A group of 200 startup founders, investors, associations and government members are backing a manifesto and a set of recommendations in order to create the next week of tech giants in Europe. Today, French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting an event in Paris with members of this group called Scale-Up Europe. Companies, investors and associations that signed the manifesto include Alan, Alex Springer, Bripfrance, Darktrace, Deutsche Startups, Doctoblib, Eurazeo, Flixbus, France Digitale, Glovo, La French Tech, N26, OVHcloud, Shift Technology, Stripe, UiPath and Wise.

To achieve all that, I’ll follow your ambition- 10 technology companies that are worth €100 billion or more by 2030,” Macron said. That’s an ambitious goal — that’s why Scale-Up Europe has laid out a roadmap and is issuing a report. While it is backed by both private actors and public institutions, it could be considered as a sort of lobbying effort for the European Commission and European governments.

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Tech firms use remote monitoring to help honey bees

Beekeeping is one of the oldest industries in existence, however, it faces numerous threats. A number of tech firms hope to help the honey bee have a brighter future. Noah Wilson-Rich, chief scientific officer of US firm Best Bees Company, says it is distressing how many American honey bee colonies or hives as they are otherwise known, die off every year. Hit by a deadly parasitic mite, pesticides and climate change, a survey showed that between April 2019 and 2020 43.7% of US hives were lost. That was the second-highest annual figure since that particular study started in 2010.

His Boston firm installs hives on commercial and residential properties – everywhere from rooftops to back gardens. Its staff then use an advanced software system to monitor and record the health of all the bee colonies. The data is shared with researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to help them better understand the plight of the insects.

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Amazon Web Services launches space tech accelerator

The AWS Space Accelerator is a four-week support programme that will provide technical, business and mentoring resources to startups seeking to use AWS to help solve the biggest challenges in the space industry. Taking place in June 2021 in collaboration with UK-based venture firm Seraphim Capital, which already runs its own space accelerator programme, the initiative will see a cohort of 10 space startups use AWS to accelerate their research, development and growth.“Helping startups succeed, from inception to IPO, has been an integral part of Amazon Web Services since our beginning,” said Sandy Carter, vice-president of partners and programmes at AWS. “Today, more startups build on AWS than any other cloud provider, and many of our customers and partners started with AWS at an early stage.

“For example, Capella Space began its journey on AWS as a startup to provide customers with access to satellite data within minutes of capture – far faster than traditional satellite data services, and at a lower cost.

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America and Europe will create a joint tech council to craft new rules on trade

WASHINGTON — The United States and Europe will announce a new joint technology and trade initiative on Tuesday, part of a wide-reaching effort this week by President Joe Biden to rally European allies and challenge China’s rising influence.

The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council will have three overarching goals: establish new global trade standards for emerging technology, promote democratic values online and find ways for the United States and the EU to collaborate on cutting-edge research and development. The result will be that “democracies and not anyone else, not China or other autocracies, are writing the rules for trade and technology for the 21st century,” national security advisor Jake Sullivan said at a press briefing last week.

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