Weekly Tech Round-Up | #18

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Facebook and Google ‘failing to take action against scam adverts’

34% of people who reported an advert to Google, after falling victim to it said the ad was not taken down, and 26% of Facebook users said the same. Both companies promise that they will remove fraudulent adverts but Which? said the reactive approach is not working that the government should include online scams in its Online Safety Bill. The study found that 27% of those who fell victim to a scam through an advert on a search engine or social media site did so on Facebook and 19% said it happened on Google.

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UK remains the European leader in health tech research

Dealroom, Inkep Capital and MTIP have released a report powered by a database dedicated to mapping and tracking the health innovation ecosystem. The report looks at 76,275 startups, 38,907 funding rounds, and 8,821 exists of companies addressing aspects of the healthcare value chain and patient journey. The report predicts that over the next two years, the industry will see new regulations becoming permanent, increased focus on value-based and virtual care and significant investment in health tech. Last year was a record year for the sector in Europe and the trend continues this year as global healthcare expenditure is now around $8 trillion, of which $2 trillion in Europe and $3.5trillion in the US.

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Cloud Talent Specialists Launch New Program to Help Keep Women in Tech

The London Cloud talent firm Tenth Revolution Group has announced its latest initiative to tackle inequality in tech. The MentorMe program, which launches this week, will see experienced IT leaders guiding newer tech professionals with the aim to retain and attract more women to the industry. A recent study by Girls Who Code found that 50% of women leave the tech industry by the age of 35, this figure needs to be reduced as most cloud platforms are facing a critical skills shortage. “Tech needs women working in it,” said Zoë Morris, President of Tenth Revolution Group. “There’s a real shortage of talent right now, exacerbated by the fact that organisations are expanding their digital footprint more than we’ve ever seen before.

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GCHQ chief warns of tech ‘moment of reckoning’

The West is faced with a “moment of reckoning” when it comes to technology and security, the head of intelligence agency GCHQ has told the BBC. Jeremy Fleming said there was risk that key technologies on which we rely will no longer be shaped by the West. “We have to keep evolving our approach if we’re going to keep up,” he said of the growing challenge from China. So-called smart cities, which will collect large amounts of data, are just one example, he added. “The risk is that the technology is implemented in a way in which we can’t assure its security,” he warned.

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