Weekly Tech Round-up | #11

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EU seeks to supercharge computer chip production

“The European Commission has set an ambitious target to boost production of cutting-edge computer chips by the end of the decade”. It wants 20% of such chips to be manufactured within the EU by 2030, compared to 10% in 2020. This pledge comes at a time when supply has failed to meet demand, causing problems for car-makers and others. Part of the challenge will be that the US and mainland China are also seeking to increase their own output.

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Germany Dominates European Climate Tech

European climate tech is on the rise. VC investment into the area is increasing and there are more companies around the continent working on sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. From carbon capture to electric bikes, and from plant-based nutrition to clean energy storage. There are now over 800 climate tech companies in Europe, according to a new dataset gathered by VC firms Speedinvest and Creandum.

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Women make up just 4% of UK tech startup founders 

Released on International Women’s Day, the research from CodinGame also found that only 7 of the 137 businesses identified by Deloitte and The Sunday Times as the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK have female founders or co-founders.

Those start-ups being led by a woman include Elvie, a company creating tech products for women, Phrasee, an AI copywriting tool and SEO agency Seeker Digital. What’s more, just one tech firm in that entire list, Buddi, a personal emergency alarm system, was founded solely by a woman, with Sara Murray launching the company in 2005.

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This UK startup clutches £500K for inventing an AI-powered custom-fitted wearable sleeve

An early-stage adaptive robotics company, Unhindr has just won £500,000 in Innovate UK funding to grow and scale their adaptable AI prosthetic device. Based out of London, Unhindr develops wearable devices by combining AI with Robotics and Microfluidics in a unique, award-winning, and innovative way.

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