The Most Effective Job Search Tools

Searching for the right job is all about the time you put in, as well as the tools you are using. Knowing the right tools which will give you an advantage over all of the other candidates is undeniably important. Take a look at the most effective job search tools to increase your chances of finding a job.

Corporate Social Media Profiles

It is important to realise as a jobseeker, that the majority of jobs are unlisted. The best way to connect with people especially those making hiring decisions is to reach them on the company’s corporate social media profiles.

One of the most effective ways to land a job in your field and with a company you are interested in working with is to put yourself out there on these social media pages by liking, commenting and engaging with content that is posted. Many of these social media channels are monitored all the time and frequented by company insiders, with whom you can demonstrate your knowledge and experience and start conversations. If you work hard at becoming a contributor and follower, there is a good chance people will take notice.


If you don’t invest time in your LinkedIn profile, then you are already missing out on brilliant job opportunities. LinkedIn is now the go-to professional networking platform, and in many places, considered necessary to be considered in order to be considered for a job. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your past and current work experience and ask for recommendations from other professionals, where they can verify your skills and claims you make about yourself.

LinkedIn is also an important job search tool because, in a similar way to corporate social media accounts, you can follow and interact with people and companies you would like to work with. Many jobs are found and landed all the time by people making their presence known on the business and personal profiles of hiring managers.

Furthermore, keeping your LinkedIn updated, means that recruiters and Hiring Managers can use your skills and experience to find you and approach you about job opportunities.

Industry and Niche Groups

Depending on the industry in which you are looking for, you could consider searching for and joining professional Facebook groups where industry people often congregate and discuss. There will often be job offerings in these groups as well as useful information from people who are employed in the industry or have been previously. These groups are also often scouted by Hiring Managers for talent.

There are also online forums that are not connected to particular social media platforms which are also good places to start and observe. In these forums, you can learn how industry insiders talk, get valuable insight into industry and workplace issues, and hopefully start networking and asking questions. If you show your enthusiasm for learning, people will be quite generous with their knowledge.


There have been notable workplace changes over the last year, the market is tough for employers and their reliance on recruiters has increased. Recruitment plays a large role in the search for and identification of talent, so consider getting in touch with a recruiter who will do their best to search and match you with the right company and role.

Recruiters will also provide you with guidance on advice on your career move, this might mean staying where you are or moving on, but years of experience mean we have some valuable insight.

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If you have any more questions about how to start looking for a job or would like to talk to us about what we might have for you then get in touch.

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