TekCurious | Psychological Safety

Watch the full TekCurious Webinar below where we discuss Psychological Safety and is Culture really important in remote teams? We have two brilliant speakers, a proven IT Director and OD Director who has just completed MSc in Occupational Psychology to underpin her experience with the latest evidence from the behavioural sciences.

Abigail & Rob share their insights on the areas where organisations will need to focus on when navigating the ‘new normal’. Whilst some organisations might be excited by the potential opportunities posed by having employees no longer tied to an office or even an organisation in some cases, there is a need to understand the ‘human factor’.  An awful lot happens ‘between’ people in organisations that we are generally not aware of, or at least we do not consciously ensure is in place: that is where culture lives. 

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When natural interactions are removed, it becomes necessary to consciously build what previously would have been organic.  There is a potential advantage in this – we can ensure that we design out unhelpful behaviours and design in those which research shows help organisations, and just as importantly the people in them, to thrive.   We just need to know what is important.

Still on the fence when it comes to the importance of organisational culture? The evidence would suggest that whilst control can ultimately out when work is ‘algorithmic’, in a world of complexity where survival depends on agility and the ability for organisations to learn, not just do the same old thing, it is having the right culture that ultimately determines success.

About Abigail Reilly


Abigail started her career attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst followed by eight years as an Army Officer.  This gave her an excellent grounding in not only leadership but also strategy and critical decision making.  She has subsequently spent fifteen years in senior OD and people management positions overseeing a wide range of change and transformation agendas.  Abigail has recently completed an MSc in Occupational Psychology in order to underpin her experience with the latest evidence from the behavioural sciences.  She is also a fellow of the CIPD.

About Rob Fletcher


Rob is an accomplished Technology leader and senior manager with over 20 years of experience developing and delivering Tech strategies and related services across large scale and complex organisations.

Rob’s strength lies in his natural ability to develop strong digital teams that produce exceptional engagement, motivation and collaboration. This is achieved through his authentic and visionary leadership style which is built on trust and an ability to build an environment that enables people to engage in healthy conflict and problem solving across his teams.

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