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About David

In this episode, we were lucky enough to have the one and only David Davies join us! For those of you that don’t know David, he is the ex CIO of Hargreaves Lansdown, one of Bristol’s best success stories now an FTSE 100 business managing over £96billion in investments!

David spearheaded the digital transformation at Hargreaves Lansdown. David and his team delivered the technology which formed the backbone of the business which underpinned substantial growth. A key achievement was the conception and launch of a technology hub in Warsaw, Poland to focus on legacy modernisation.

Recognition for his work at Hargreaves Lansdown led to many awards in the UK and across Europe. The most noteworthy of these was being awarded ‘UK CIO of the Year’ by Computing and the Chartered Institute for IT in 2014. Furthermore, this is also supported by multiple entries in the UK’s prestigious CIO100 list and Computing’s CIO Top 10. Additionally, David received global recognition in 2019 by being named as one of the HMG Strategy Top Technology Executives to watch.

Moreover, David has the tenacity to deliver technology change irrespective of headwinds. So, it was the desire to continue to drive business change that led him to create Navos Technologies. His passion is contagious and has spread throughout the team at Navos, which continues to grow rapidly, month on month.

What do we talk about?

Accordingly, in this interview, David candidly discusses his career at HL and what led him to set up Navos. Additionally, he openly discusses the pitfalls and lessons he has learned so far and what his vision is for his newly formed organisation. 

Therefore, this is a must-listen for both individuals that are wanting to reach the CIO role but also for people that are in the corporate world that want to break free and set up on their own!

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