South West Tech News 20.11

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Source: Insider Media 2020

One Big Circle Secure Investment

One Big Circle are specialists in intelligent video data and integration and support companies such Network Rail, Transport for Wales, and Siemens.

Using in cab technology, One Big Circle provides real time video footage that is instantly accessible online, supplying data and insight directly from the train to the Cloud.  

With the addition of tech pioneers, David Harries and Toby Hughes to the board, they have been able to secure investment and growth. Harries has commented that they will help lay the foundations for the second phase of growth by “supporting further development in machine learning and AI and aligning this with the funded areas of our chosen markets.” 

If you are interested in what One Big Circle do, make sure you check out their website.

Source: Insider Media 2020

Source: Techspark 2020

Robotics Lab Provide Access to Art for Disabled People in Self-isolation

Disabled people experiencing extreme isolation due to coronavirus can now use robots to remotely access one of Britain’s most well-known art galleries, thanks to a unique Bristol Robotics Laboratory collaboration.

Using telepresence robots, Hastings Contemporary, the Sussex-based gallery, are providing virtual tours for people who are isolated. Now a similar robot will be deployed at Philip Colbert’s exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

Professor Martin Levinson of Bath Spa University, who leads the D4D project, said: “The Covid pandemic has served to augment a situation that already existed – the lonely, secluded lives of some people. We need to find ways of preventing this in the future. Technology is only part of the solution.”

The tour programme will continue to run through lockdown. Bookings can be made via Eventbrite.

Source: Tech Spark 2020

Source: Tech Spark 2020

Ultraleap CEO Presented Special Excellence Award

CEO and president of Ultraleap, Steve Cliffe, has been given the Special Excellence Award from the University of Nottingham. The award was presented to him in recognition of his dedication, creativity and leadership throughout his career and for his contribution to advances in technology.

After completing his electrical engineering degree in 1985, Steve has taken on many senior roles at leading companies including Plessey Semiconductors, ProVision and Dialog Semiconductor.

Steve then joined the Bristol company Ultraleap seven years ago, as CEO of a small start-up and led it to be a global company with more than 150 employees and £64 million in investment. Steve is also a Board Member for Bristol-based company Gapsquare, a leading software for fair pay, gender pay gap, ethnicity pay and equal pay analytics.

Source: Tech Spark 2020

Source: Tech Spark 2020

Airway Medical wins Innovate UK grant

Bristol-based Airway Medical Ltd today announced that they have been awarded a 9-month £260,000 funded project; in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, via The Sustainable Innovation Fund from UK Government funding agency Innovate UK.

Innovate UK are investing up to £191 million to fund single and collaborative research and development projects via the Sustainable Innovation Fund over the next two years, to help all sectors of the UK rebuild after the effects of COVID-19.

Ken Garner CEO of Airway Medical said: “Winning this funding from Innovate UK illustrates the importance of the uniquely collaborative environment we have in and around Bristol and the South West. The business support ecosystem is second to none enabling us to accelerate the rate at which we can grow, bring our product to market, reduce risk and raise awareness of both us and our products.”

Source: Tech Spark 2020

Source: Set Squared 2020

Diverse pipeline of talent celebrated at Bristol’s Silicon Gorge

Eleven of the most exciting early-stage tech and digital startups in the South West and Wales pitched last week to an audience of high-calibre investors at the Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase final.

Silicon Gorge is one of the West’s major investment events, with selected startups getting through semi-finals to be in the final to pitch for investment of between £150k and £2 million.

We were delighted to see two of our own members in the final – University of Bristol startup Kaedim and Data3.

Helen Tanner, Founder and CEO of Data3 said of Silicon Gorge:

“Silicon Gorge has been a fun and super useful experience for me and our business – the opportunity to pitch alongside other businesses to the local investor community has opened up many new opportunities for us. Thank you, Team SG.”

If you are looking for opportunities to invest in novel tech startups, please get in touch with SetSquared.

Source: Set Squared 2020

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