TekCurious | 14 July @ 1530

We have confirmed our next virtual TekCurious meetup, we have two quality talks lined up for you from two inspirational leaders from OVO Energy. It will be happening on Tuesday 14th July at 1530.

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We have lined up Jonathan Holloway, Fractional CTO having worked with some of the South West and Europes most exciting startups. Also, James Hunt the current Engineering Manager from OVO Energy having also worked at JustEat.

Jon is an interim/fractional CTO working with a number of tech startups/scaleups (B2B and B2C) in the insurance, healthcare, eCommerce and analytics fields. He’s led product and engineering teams of up to 100, with a median size of 20 in the last four years. This involved product management, growth (from initial founders) to digital transformation in larger teams. Prior to that, he spent ten years as a CTO, Architect, Engineering Manager and ten years as an engineer.

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Productivity is a commonly misunderstood concept in terms of software. Lots of attempts have been made to try and measure the productivity of software developers – often with disastrous consequences. This presentation will talk through past examples, common misconceptions and the implications of certain decisions. As a founder or C-level exec, this is an essential subject to understand. If you are interested in reading a little more about this subject prior to this talk you can check out his blog post on how to make developers go faster.

Our next speaker is James Hunt, he will be discussing how Microservices have quickly become the default architecture pattern to follow in building and deploying enterprise systems. In this presentation, he will go through what they are, what benefits they bring and most importantly when not to use them.

James is currently the Engineering Manager for OVO Energy , he has a broad range of industry experience having worked with Just Eat as as a Senior Product Manager and being the Tech Manager for one of the South Wests most pioneering startups.

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As always our TekCurious meetups are designed for Tech Leaders and aspiring technology leaders to listen to their peers share their thoughts and stories. There is no sales pitch attached form us or anyone else it is purely an environment to knowledge share and build your peer network.

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