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The United Kingdom is the European technology hub, with a number of innovative technology companies being born and developed With the tech sector thriving and the constant rapid development of modern technologies we are looking at some of the top tech startup companies to watch.

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Started in 2019 and hit a $2.1bn valuate just 8 months after launch

Hopin are an all-in-one live online events platform. With so many conferences cancelled around the world, they provided a perfect solution at just the right time. Fortunately, they secured a spot on Europe’s unicorn list just eight months after launch. In 2020, Hopin was Europe’s fastest-growing company-but questions have been raised as to whether it will be able to sustain that growth as we roll out vaccines, and events return to physical spaces. However many people believe that with reduced expenses, the future of events will be digital.


Monzo was founded in 2015, they are a neobank and the ‘darling’ of London’s fintech world, onboarding over 4m customers at the last count. The startup removes the hassle from personal finances as well as progressive features like gambling blocks. Monzo’s unit economics finally entered the green in February 2019, with each customer making £4 a year on average in revenue. The company has also launched two subscription products, hoping customers will pay to use premium services.


Cazoo, founded in 2018, are an online used car retailer based in London. They make buying a used car as simple and seamless as buying any other product online. Founder, Alex Chesterman previously founded Zoopla in 2008 which delivered greater transparency and efficiency to the UK property market and in 2003, he co-founded LoveFilm which transformed the DVD rental market in the UK and Europe. Cazoo has delivered 25,000 cars in the first 18 months since its launch. Over the past 18 months, Cazoo has expanded its fleet of delivery transporters to over 180. They recently announced a $7.0bn business combination with AJAX I and growth of over 300% year over year.

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