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Published: 11 January 2019 ID: G00382841
Analyst(s): Paul Saunders, Deacon D.K Wan

How Application Leaders Should Prepare Their Organizations To Remain Relevant And Highly Effective | Gartner Report

As enterprise applications adapt to the needs of the digital world,
application leaders must develop new team skills, values and approaches to
delivering these applications. This report shows them how to ensure
continued relevancy and success through 2024.

Key Challenges
■ The Application teams that don’t adopt new, more effective ways of working with business stakeholders in order to deliver business outcomes will fail to solve customers’ problems or deliver great customer experiences.

■ The Traditional approaches to talent acquisition (such as requiring a three-or four-year bachelor’s degree) won’t produce the diverse, skilled and engaged workforce that the application organization will need in 2024.

■ Enterprise application teams that focus on technologies, rather than customer and business outcomes, will be viewed by business people as transactional custodians of legacy systems, not as strategic partners in delivering differentiation and innovation.

■ Application teams are no longer in a position of “command and control,” as technology budgets are increasingly commanded by line-of-business owners and their product teams.

Application leaders governing application and product portfolios in order to enable digital transformation should:

■ Build team skills supportive of business-centric strategy, vision and customer focus by adopting and scaling a product-centric approach to development.
■ Make diversity a core objective and recruit talent beyond traditional sources in order to build more effective teams. Global organizations should consider partnering with educational establishments to develop curriculums more relevant to applications in the modern world.
■ Pursue design thinking to foster a culture and a mindset within enterprise application teams that approach the application portfolio from the perspective of customers.
■ Adopt product-based budgeting and support rapid business change and agility to improve business outcomes.

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Source: Gartner (January 2019)

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