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In this episode of our TekCurious Founder Series, we are joined by Tom Woollard CEO & Co-Founder of Rent Bunk. Bunk has created an all-in-one property app, offering landlords and property managers the ability to let and manage their property from as little as £10 a month with tenants having an app to pay rent and Bunk has partnered with Experian so all payments help contribute towards their credit history. “Bunk is transforming the rental market. The days of high fees, too many middlemen and no trust are over”- Tom Woollard

rent bunk

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In this podcast, Tom talks to us about how the idea was born out of frustration with almost being scammed out of thousands of pounds of their deposit on a student flat, and how the market needed a better solution. Tom discusses how he got the idea off the ground, the advice he has for anyone who is looking to start a business, and the journey Bunk have been on over the last few years.

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