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In this episode of our TekCurious founder series, we were lucky enough to be joined by Tom Carter, CTO and Co-Founder of Ultraleap. Ultraleap is widely known in Bristol for its incredible hand tracking and haptics. Furthermore, The Covid-19 pandemic launched recognition for haptics outside of the tech sector’s sphere. In particular, with its TouchFree application, which enables companies to seamlessly retrofit existing kiosks and touchscreens, moving consumer interactions with public screens to mid-air.


In 2020, Ultraleap landed a major deal with a cinema advertising business in the US. Consequently, the agreement will see the companies install screens that can display standard adverts and touchless interactive content in 101 US cinemas. Additionally, in June 2020 Tom Carter won the Rising Star Award by the 2020 AMazon ScaleUp Awards.

In this podcast, CTO Tom Carter talks openly about where the idea for Ultraleap came from. Moreover, he discusses how he developed it, the hiccups and uncertainties along the way, and his advice for aspiring founders.

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